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>Just to reasure you all, I didn't die at the key board, i'm just behind on
>mail, so I havn't written much. There sure are alot of Philipinos with bad
>feelings toward the U.S.. I don't know much abouth this, but was the
>Philipines not set free for there aid to the U.S. in World War II? I've
>never heard the phrase "little brown brothers" used exept by people
>refering to themselves on this list...
>BTW, I updated my site again. Put your guns down, I updated the IMAGE

ill feelings didn't start in world war II, it started with the american
takeover after the spanish in 1898, just after the Philippines declared
independence from Spain. Spain and America staged a phony war at the Manila
Bay with US warships bombarding an empty beach, just so Spain can save face.
before that the US already bought the rights to the Philippines from Spain.
its from one colonist to another. why woulnd't the Filipinos feel bad when
they just declared independence and here comes another colonist which held
on to us until the Japanese took over. then on July 4, 1946, America
granted full independence to the Philippines, but we never got it, until
this day the US still meddles with our internal affairs (and never admits to
it, just like always)

oh, also, thanks Uncle Sam for all the toxic waste you dumped on those bases
you rented.

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