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> >Some of use are really geting to mad but still I
> have
> >to say that its geting really worse.
> >Some of the fans that are new to Wing never new
> about
> >UC in the USA (I hope they never do) most fans when
> Im
> >on Yahoo chat they do not know aboutUC just Wing (
> >thats a Good thing.) Sometimes when every they ask
> me...
> *snip*
> Why is it that you hope that people get to know
> about UC?
> Why is it that people only knowing about Wing is a
> good thing? Does UC
> Gundam fandom have to be an elitist thing?
Why because some fans are fans of the TV series (that
watched the series on Cartoon Network think they know
so much.) and Fan Sub that watched the series before
them that know and seen the other Gundam series too
have the Idea what Gundam is when the kids that
watched the series on CN they get an Idea what Gundam
is they get Confused if we show them UC Gundam series
is they might think its other verion of Gundam Wing
but its not They might think Char was the Wannbe
Zechs. They will be confuesed by that if they Show
the Orginal Gundam series on Cartoon Network plus alot
of Qustions I have to anwser to kids who might ask me
,becauseI have a Gundam Screen name on Yahoo.
There is to many I have to anwser too that get on my
bad I try to be nice try to help them out tell them
can "go to Gundam Project read up on the Infomation"
most of them don't don't leave me alone.
They think I know so much(really I don't know that
much) you can tell.

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