garrick lee (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 16:24:39 -0800 (PST)

after staring at the various gelgoogs, i'm settling
for a master grade ms14A, big gun and skirt.

unfortunately, after snooping around the shops, i
found that there was only the gelgoog cannon left. i
coulda sworn there were tons of gelgoogs just last
year. dammit, i feel cheated. argh. crud. :[

matt, thanks for the offer, i haven't replied to the
private email yet, but i'm sure we can work something
out with richie.

so, i'm most likely settling for one of the 1/144
gelgoogs (and fit it with the biiig 1/144 sentinel your heart out cima! :P). i forgot to ask
-- how's the hguc gelgoog marine compared to the 0080
gelgoog jaeger? the aesthetics of the gelgoog jaeger
are more pleasing to my's the kit
quality, poseability, proportions? and what
accessories does the jaeger come with? (richie, did
you write a gelgoog review already? i can't seem to
find much gelgoog models on online galleries...not
even on't seem to be a popular


--- Gus Jae <> wrote:
> You know, it's kinda weird. When Char's Gelgoog
> came out, I was one of the
> first to have it in Japan (Just happen to be there
> in Dec '96 at Be-J when
> they opened the case a day before the release date).
> It was the best MG at
> the time because of it's engineering, and still is
> in many ways. I think
> the whole kit has 3 visible seems out of the whole
> thing! The only thing I
> did not like were the elbows, seem kinda thin and
> weak. The keens can use a
> little tightening too. But they did give me a
> backpack that was not in the
> original mech, and I thought that was cool. The
> shield was just awesome.
> Then I saw the Gelgoog Cannon... would have bought
> it right away if it was
> cast in the Cannon colors instead of JR's. But the
> MS14A... now that was
> the bomb!! Love the new head... had to have it...
> bugged Eddie for months
> :) Just wish that they had made it into the Gelgoog
> Marine instead. That
> would have been real sweet!
> If you can only get one of the Gelgoogs, get the
> 14A. You won't regret it!!
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