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  questions like this keep these kinda things going... NO MORE I SAY!! .... NO

    Why is it that you hope that people get to know about UC?
    Why is it that people only knowing about Wing is a good thing? Does UC
    Gundam fandom have to be an elitist thing?

  hallelujah brother !

  i think this is almost the same expression that started the last flame war about UcvsAc and uc fandom being elitist bullshit

  I HATE FLAMEWARS, if you have these kind of discussions do it some where else, or go outside and have a brawl and beat the friggin crap out of each other but i dont want another 200+mails in one night and they all keep saying :

  ac suxx, doesn't, does ! doesn't ! ...... uc-fans are elitist, aren't, are,aren't...

  Please people, revive my belief in common knowledge and make the madness stop !!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!

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