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Depends, most MGs after the RX-79[G] Gundam Ground type (released middle of
last year) have harrdly any visible seam lines that aren't really necessary
(except for the damn heads). Older ones however (like the Zaku's) have seam
lines that you may want to seal (though since the gaps are pretty tight, a
good amunt of cement should be enought ust as long as you paint it).

The only MG I sealed was my MG Alex since the seam lines were pretty obvious
andI didn't really care about the internal skeleton (there wasn't much
anyway). My Gundam Ground type however I didn't seal (and barely painted, I
just applied some Gunze Top Coat to remove the glossy look and german grewy
to the insides of the armor) since thre were no seams (except for the dang
head) that needed to be removed.

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Hello. I'm considering stepping up to Master Grade Gundam models, since I've
done a few HGUC and a couple of 08th MS Team models. Sorry to ask such a
dumb question but, are the seams between parts visible? I understand that
since armor can be removed from the Gundam to allow it to be exposed for all
its detailed glory, it is not recommended to putty and glue the
pieces.Should I glue and putty then? Or is there no need to do so?

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