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Actually, I was suggesting this since I couldn't find the links to them
anywhere in NA.

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>Franz Co wrote:
>>Now questions for the doc and Nightingale, since your hosting >a fan fic
>>will soon host Richies, are you ging to put up a fan sectin >where this
>>as well as pics, etc. can be placed?
>We have had tons of ppl offering to write fanfics, I've always >reply "send
>in!" but so far I had only 2 _completed_ submission, they were, >you
>it, Richie's Wing yaoi. We had about 4 other submissions, Echo >of War is
>stuck at the introduction chapter, two others are also just the >opening
>the last one is so poorly written that I don't ever plan to put >it
>on. Maybe I
>should require all fanfic writers to get an SAT of >300 or >something. I
>NA received exactly one fan art submission, which I posted on >Pojo's Gundm
>Web. I was also talking to a guy who was enthusiastic about >doing some
>designs for NA, but nothing came out of it.
>I am always ready to open a fanfic or fanart section, but with >the rate
>submissions are coming in, I'd have to wait about 10 years >before I get
>to justify a seperate section. I've basically realized that >most people
.who are
>capable of decent writing or drawing are already a webmaster, >so why send
>his/er own creations to another webmaster?
>Since I am on this horse already, we all have a tendency to >spend too much
>time on GML or RAAM, but neglect to put something presentable >together on
>a website (ours or others). A huge amount of GML traffic is >about similar
>with the same type of info and opinions being repeated over and >over
>For example, right now I am wasting time explaining myself >rather than
>up Richie's fan fic.
>Dr. Core
>Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist
>Newtype Asylum

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