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I have to agree. Whenever I mention Gundam to a kid or someone on campus, it
never fails that I get a response out of them like "Deathscythe Hell is the
best one, don't you think?"

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Gundam Wing as much as the next guy, but I
was introduced to the UC stuff long beforehand. I remember in the early 90s,
picking up some Formula 91 model kits at a local comic store, and trying to
hunt down all the issues of the Gundam 0083 comic that Viz brought over here
(came pretty close, as I recall).

But, whenever I say, "no, I like the original gundam series," a good portion
of the time, they're clueless. And then I'll say, "Gundam is over 20 years
old. The first series came out in 1979 in Japan." Sometimes this is met with
actual interest, other times it's a blank stare, followed by, "Hey, do you
watch Dragon Ball Z too?"

Sigh. I LIKE my UC timeline stuff. I want Bandai to hurry it up and bring
08th MS team out on DVD in the US, I'd love to see 0080 and 0083 on disc as
my VHS copies are showing a bit of wear, and I could definitely go for a
local release of Zeta (which I hope they'll pick up on Cartoon network or
something), Char's counterattack, and heck, F91 too while they're at it.

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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Subject: Re: [gundam] (almpost OT)can't we all just get along?

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> >
> > On Wed, 21 Feb 2001 00:02:43 EST,
> > wrote:
> >
> > > Although this hasn't happened much recently,but
> > why can't we talk about
> > Ac
> > > withought somebody saying "UC is better than that
> > AC crap"? I'll bet a
> > lot of
> > > us r tired of that. If u r going to post
> > something like that,use IMO or
> > > IMHO(In My Opinion or In My Humble Opinion).
> > This is THE Gundam mailing
> > > list,so u should be able to post something about
> > AC and get no negative
> > > opinions. And people shouldn't really post
> > something like "Gundam Wing
> > ain't
> > > no Gundam". that wlll get a lot of people mad. I
> > like both AC and UC,so
> > it
> > > gets me sorta mad to see somebody post that.
> > Don't flame me and say that
> > I'm
> > > an AC nut or anything like that,because I'm not,I
> > like both,UC better,but
> > I
> > > like AC also.
> > > If I've offended anybody,sorry ahead of time,.
> > > Michael
> >
> > you shouldn't say sorry, what you said is the right
> > thing and we should all
> > respect each others opinions as much as we are
> > entitled to our own. and by
> > respecting I mean not saying "AC is crap" or "UC is
> > boring" kinda stuff.
> > there is a fine line between freedom (in this case,
> > freedom of speach) and
> > the rights of other people
> Some of use are really geting to mad but still I have
> to say that its geting really worse.
> Some of the fans that are new to Wing never new about
> UC in the USA (I hope they never do) most fans when Im
> on Yahoo chat they do not know aboutUC just Wing (
> thats a Good thing.) Sometimes when every they ask me
> about Gundam Wing I try to tell them that Im some
> other Gundam fan they really don't have a clue what I
> was talking about in anyways. I have to say that it
> really shocked me when some kid ask me "Is it a other
> Version of Gundam Wing?" some kids don't know about
> or
> they never bother to
> check those sites.
> I feel they are Misinfored by Gundam Wing I know
> there good fans they really need to know that there
> Information is not really showing not any Idea of
> what Gundam is Misinforing everyone about the Gundam
> series they just need to tell them about what Orginal
> Mobile Suit Gundam series some of them Mix up the Idea
> what Gundam is I know that some Gundam Wing fans are
> new to Gundam Wing but they like the series I
> understand its just a Gundam series but they Mix up
> the Idea what Gundam really Is,I know by the fact that
> some that seen the series in Fan subs not on TV agree
> on that some fans that have sites(that are new.)need
> to really know that have some Wrong information on
> there site.
> IMHO(Some I really feel bad that some fans get this
> Idea that Gundam Wing was the first and only series
> that they need to smacked in the head but im not going
> to do that or hate them for that they need to be
> corrected what Gundam is.)
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