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I'm in a adnvanced class program so i share it with the asme people day after
day, period after period... you wouldn't think they are advanced because
they're sloppy, lazy, and extremely lind and obnoxious. They argue and
dispute over the most idiotic things. I don't know how my teachers can take
it... when we talk about what subject in class, it switches over to something
completely different. It would be like talking about Gundam than switching
over to something like barney... VERY off topic... now i get this same kinda
stuff here :( hehe j/p :P

> Alright.
>'s an anime. At's just a cartoon for christ's sake.
> An incredably well done cartoon mind you...but a cartoon. It isn't worth
> getting so angry at eachother over. Yes, some people prefer AC, Yes, some
> people perfer UC. But this isn't something to get into flame wars over. You
> don't see people who like pepsi going up to people who like coke and
> starting arguments over them over choice in soft drinks (At least, you
> don't see sane people doing that. If you have, i feel for you). Either way,
> let's please try and get along in the name of civility and to prove we've
> evolved a bit past the neanderthals who belived that diplomacy invovled
> bashing people with stones.
> A.W and F.C all the way :P
> Perry

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