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> >Ahem. Vietnam would be independent in the farthest sense of the word. When
> >your country gave us our independence (such an arrogant way of doing
> >things), they made sure that they had trade priority, as well as making
> sure
> >that most of the political leaders were in their pocket. They even had a
> >say on our internal affairs. In other words, we became the Little Brown
> >Brothers. Now, I don't know about Vietnam, but from my country's
> historical
> >point of view, what you said is very much repugnant.
> Just to reasure you all, I didn't die at the key board, i'm just behind on
> mail, so I havn't written much. There sure are alot of Philipinos with bad
> feelings toward the U.S.. I don't know much abouth this, but was the
> Philipines not set free for there aid to the U.S. in World War II? I've
> never heard the phrase "little brown brothers" used exept by people
> refering to themselves on this list...
> BTW, I updated my site again. Put your guns down, I updated the IMAGE

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