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Thu, 22 Feb 2001 01:40:18 +0800

> Franz Co wrote:
> >Now questions for the doc and Nightingale, since your hosting a fan fic
> >will soon host Richies, are you ging to put up a fan sectin where this
> >as well as pics, etc. can be placed?
> We have had tons of ppl offering to write fanfics, I've always reply "send
> in!" but so far I had only 2 _completed_ submission, they were, you
> it, Richie's Wing yaoi. We had about 4 other submissions, Echo of War is
> stuck at the introduction chapter, two others are also just the opening
> the last one is so poorly written that I don't ever plan to put it
> on. Maybe I
> should require all fanfic writers to get an SAT of >300 or something. I
> NA received exactly one fan art submission, which I posted on Pojo's Gundm
> Web. I was also talking to a guy who was enthusiastic about doing some
> designs for NA, but nothing came out of it.

uhm, not to touch the earth is incomplete at the moment, but rest assured
that I will keep on sending chapters as I get the time to write them...

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