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i know i know...

the rx-79[g] project started alongside the rx-78-2
(right?) and the GM's you see in 08th MS team are
supposedly the prototype versions of the other GM.

and i think the name Gundam is generic. so...

don't take me on this. i might be wrong.
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> I've watched the whole series again and I was again
> reminded of its timeline inconsistencies. I'm sure
> you guys already answered this (Iprobably wasn't
> here then) so I'l ask again.
> When Shiro rescued Sanders it was about the same
> time White Based snuffed Garma and that was also the
> time when Giren made his speech on TV. A few days
> later(I think) Shiro and the team sortied the
> rx-79G, already called Gundam. I noticed this when
> Sanders busted a Zaku telling himself "So this is
> the power of a Gundam..." Its just weird because at
> this time only Fed brasses knew of project V and the
> name Gundam (along with Char and a few Zeon). So
> what gives? If the Gundam was some sort of
> prototype, how did they make so many of 'em (RX&(G
> was not exclusively for 08MS Team, but I saw other
> teams using them as well) And why was Sanders flying
> a GM in space, when according to the original
> series, the GM wouldn't come along until some time
> in the middle of the war (when Char invaded Jabrow)
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