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>> >1. What does the ???% means just below the name of the MS/MA/ship etc. (in
>> >the red bit)? Surely it is related to the attribute "sport" (Clearly not,
>> >because G-3 = 220% with a smaller "sport" value than NT-1 which has 200%
>> >only...)
>> Do you mean "genkai?" (Limit)
>Yea, what do genkai means? It also appears in SRW series......

It is the limit of how well a mecha can perform. For instance, if your mecha
has an Agility of 150 and Amuro's Agility is 160, the sum total of both is
310. If the Gundam only has a limit of 300, then it's Agility will be
counted as 300, NOT 310. Get it? ^_^

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