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> > > were labeled as "Black Three Stars"...
> >
> > always thought it was black trinary myself. could be one of those
> > translations.
> Just so. The term "Black Three Stars" is a literal translation of the
> and refers to a "mon" or crest worn by samurai consisting of three stars
> a circle, printed in reverse -- that is, black on gold instead of gold on
> The three-star crest belonged to a legendary team of three ronin samurai
> actions were so tightly coordinated that they literately acted as one
> This team acted as mercenaries and usually appears as villains in the
> "samurai soaps" -- the Japanese equivalent of Westerns -- and figure
> in one memorable segment of the Lone Wolf and Cub story. The symbol also
> up in both samurai and other fiction as an identifier, usually in the form
of a
> distinctive tattoo or corporate logo, for a reputedly unbeatable lone
> You'll find such a reference in the Patlabor P-6 OAV, for example.
> "Three Stars" or "Tri-Star" is awkward in English, so most figurative
> translations make it "Trinary" instead, from the astronomical term for the
> triple-star system.
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