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i have both the MS14A and the MS14B and i think they are awesome. The
detail on the legs is awesome and the shield is super kewl. Im actually
working on the MS 14A right now. I suggest getting atleast one of them.
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> am looking at the gelgoog, the master grades and hguc.
> any opinions on the kits? which is the best master
> grade value for money -- char's gelgoog, gelgoog
> cannon, or the gelgoog with the big gun? any
> significant differences, or are the master grades
> merely cosmetic (though i'm taking a preference for
> the one with additional boosters on the outside
> skirt)? they don't seem to be laden with accessories
> like the zaku, and kinda makes choosing between them a
> bit harder.
> should i wait for an hguc cima's gelgoog? or is the
> hguc gelgoog marine all that bandai's releasing for
> the gelgoog?
> hmmm...
> still no sight of the hguc dom tropen on philippine
> shores...for some unknown reason.
> -garr
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