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> Although this hasn't happened much recently,but why can't we talk about
> withought somebody saying "UC is better than that AC crap"? I'll bet a
lot of
> us r tired of that. If u r going to post something like that,use IMO or
> IMHO(In My Opinion or In My Humble Opinion). This is THE Gundam mailing
> list,so u should be able to post something about AC and get no negative
> opinions. And people shouldn't really post something like "Gundam Wing
> no Gundam". that wlll get a lot of people mad. I like both AC and UC,so
> gets me sorta mad to see somebody post that. Don't flame me and say that
> an AC nut or anything like that,because I'm not,I like both,UC better,but
> like AC also.
> If I've offended anybody,sorry ahead of time,.
> Michael

you shouldn't say sorry, what you said is the right thing and we should all
respect each others opinions as much as we are entitled to our own. and by
respecting I mean not saying "AC is crap" or "UC is boring" kinda stuff.
there is a fine line between freedom (in this case, freedom of speach) and
the rights of other people

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