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>On the Plamodel section of Gundam Perfect Web ther's the folowing link.
>My japanese isn't up to snuff, can anyone read what is said here?
Several years ago, monthly modeling magazine Hobby Japan presented some
kind of special 'How To' lecture articles especially for the beginners
(in model building area, not Anime area, of course), and its title was
'Shin Ganpura-Masuta No Michi' [literally, THE REAL TAO OF GUNPLA-MASTER'].
This article was serialized up to July 2000 and came to an end at that time.
The URL above is the web version of said special feature, and the guys
below the title loge are the main (and only) characters, mysterious Gunpla
Master and his little apprentice named Hiro. (Hiro's really sissy attitude
and slim bodyline made me mistake him for a girl when I saw the character
first, but that's just me. :)

Hope this helps.


-Sunwook Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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