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I'm guessing, and yes I am just giessing, if anyone has official, let me
know, but round about yes. Vaders helmet was inspired by samurai helmets,
right down to the mask with scary visage. Char, definitely envisioning
himself a noble, honorable man, would think himself quite the samurai. So
they use the same root design base, and add the fact Char starts out in the
villian role, his rsembling Vader wouldn't suprise me in the least, but this
has been done before...
Newtype= Jedi
Beam saber= lightsaber
and so on......
Was it intentional or a string of coincidencies I do not know, but it would
not be a shock to find out yes, it was meant that way.
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>This may sound silly, but could Char's mask have been influenced by Darth
>Vader's helmet/mask?
>- Gan
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