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>>*smacks zhou tai an on the head*
>Hey. ^_^
>>you never came across danguard ace?
>No, and my excuse it - IT'S NOT IN SUPER ROBOT WARS! ^_^
>>the show with characters taken straight out of yamato
>>and the 500 feet tall, 5000 ton bot that transforms
>>into a flyer which should fly like a brick but
>>doesn't? (er ok, that's a lousy ad for danguard, but
>>hey, i don't get paid for it, hehe)
>Doesn't exactly make me want to watch it, no. ^_^
>>danguard ace, 56 ep (i think), produced by toei, and
>>was adopted as part of the "force five" anime package
>>(jim terry something, off the top of my head) that
>>also featured starvengers (getta robo g), gaiking,
>>grandizer, and spacekeeters (starzingers, another
>>matsumoto work...which i actually severely
>>dislike...). it ran from mondays to fridays, one show
>>a day.

Actually, I'm familiar with Danguard Ace from some issues of the old Marvel
"Shogun Warriors" comic, which featured Danguard Ace, Brave Rydeen and
Combattra V teamed together. Not that I expect that to have any relevance
whatsoever to the anime.

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