Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 14:59:55 +0800

Thanks for the pic Gus. I didn't even know they had DX toys come out for the
Dunbine OAV series. ^_^

Was there a Zwauth ever released btw? That's the one I would like to add to
my collection... :P


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> Hi friends,
> Need some help in locating a kit I used to have and was "stolen" from me
> years back.
> The kit is made by a Japanese G kit company call Max Factory. This kit is
> from the Dunbine Series called "DX Sirbine". I have been searching for a
> while now with no luck. HLJ don't have it anymore since this kit came out
> in 1989.
> The following URL is a photo of the kit.
> http://users.rcn.com/gusjae/Misc/Pics/Sirbine.jpg
> If you see it in your travel or have it in your collection and is willing
> trade or part with it, let me know please.
> I am also looking for a modeling tool made by Hasagawa. This is a panel
> line scribing template. Guys out in California may have seen this in the
> hobby shop. Can someone help me look for it and maybe pick it up for me?
> It should cost about $5 to $8 bucks.
> http://users.rcn.com/gusjae/Misc/Pics/Template.jpg
> Sorry about taking up the bandwidth. Please reply to me off list. Thanks
> for all you help in advance.
> Gus
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