Gus Jae (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 00:24:14 -0500

Hi friends,
Need some help in locating a kit I used to have and was "stolen" from me
years back.
The kit is made by a Japanese G kit company call Max Factory. This kit is
from the Dunbine Series called "DX Sirbine". I have been searching for a
while now with no luck. HLJ don't have it anymore since this kit came out
in 1989.
The following URL is a photo of the kit.
If you see it in your travel or have it in your collection and is willing to
trade or part with it, let me know please.

I am also looking for a modeling tool made by Hasagawa. This is a panel
line scribing template. Guys out in California may have seen this in the
hobby shop. Can someone help me look for it and maybe pick it up for me?
It should cost about $5 to $8 bucks.

Sorry about taking up the bandwidth. Please reply to me off list. Thanks
for all you help in advance.


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