Richie Ramos (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 12:53:16 +0800

> am looking at the gelgoog, the master grades and hguc.
> any opinions on the kits? which is the best master
> grade value for money -- char's gelgoog, gelgoog
> cannon, or the gelgoog with the big gun? any
> significant differences, or are the master grades
> merely cosmetic (though i'm taking a preference for
> the one with additional boosters on the outside
> skirt)? they don't seem to be laden with accessories
> like the zaku, and kinda makes choosing between them a
> bit harder.

Actually it's this:

The Gelgoog cannon comes with two backpacks, the forearm shields/launchers,
a beam naginata. I don't know about the others, but i think the other one
has the zulu-type shield (Char's, if I'm correct).

> should i wait for an hguc cima's gelgoog? or is the
> hguc gelgoog marine all that bandai's releasing for
> the gelgoog?
> hmmm...

To tell the truth...the current HGUC Gelgoog can be easily modified for any
version, it seems. SO I dunno how to answer that question.

> still no sight of the hguc dom tropen on philippine
> shores...for some unknown reason.
> -garr

I already asked Bes over at Best Toys to get one for me and reserve it.
Seems like solid na talaga ang aking reserve powers doon...but then, I've
blown about P15,000++ in that place.

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