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> >UC 0203 = Gaia Gear (Manhunter Agency vs Metatron Institution)
> >UC 0223 = G-Saviour (The Gaian Rebellion)
> Don't the event's in G-Saviour kinda nullify Gaia Gear as part of the firect
> timeline.

Gaia Gear was negated by the events in Gundam F91 -- the Man Machines are
extensions of the kind of MS seen in CCA and it's semi-sequel Hathaway's Flash
and totally unlike the downsized MS seen in F91 and on through V Gundam.

Likewise, the political situation with the Manhunter Agency (MaHa) acting like
the Titans and cracking down on "illegal aliens" on Earth.

My own personal theory, posted here many times over the years but probably
before your time, is that Gaia Gear was originally conceived as the third
installment of a trilogy of stories that began with CCA, continued through
Hathaway's Flash and ended with what is now Gaia Gear. My theory is that
Afranci Char was originally either a true clone of Char Aznable or the son of
Char Aznable and Nanai Miguel. That would put the original date of the GG story
somewhere around UC 0113 -- eight years after HF, which was twelve years after

At some point, Tomino got fed up with Sunrise's de facto ownership of all things
Gundam and changed the story so that he could own it. He moved it a hundred
years after the events of HF and later, after Tomino and Sunrise reconciled just
prior to doing V Gundam, the events of GG were merged into the UC timeline.

Now that GG is "official" in both name and date, there's no going back and we're
stuck with it, even though it gets more and more out of synch as the UC calendar
is extended.


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