Richard Ramos (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 03:28:33 +0800

> if the gp03 indeed had a core fighter inside it, the
> appeal (to me) would go down. i dislike core
> fighters.

I, too, dislike core fighters for the simple reason that they are a pain to

> > You know, I really hope there isn't one. The kit
> > would be much more solid
> > without a core fighter in the middle of it. Unless
> > it's SF91/Crossbone style
> > and pops out of the back. I just found Unit One's
> > core fighter to make the
> > kits a bit flimsy up top, compared to GP02 at least.
> well, after having er, manhandled, the gp01, and gp01
> fb of my friends, i have to disagree. they're pretty
> stable, if you plug them in just right.
> - getta robo g(arr)

Yeah, I rememeber what you do to my kits!

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