Richard Ramos (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 03:21:42 +0800

> i refuse to dignify the other panty-filled thread with
> a reply. :P

ooh. we hurt his panty-loving side. LOL!

> > >Well, it got through didn't it? and who was the
> > one who wanted to trade his
> > >MG Kampfer chain mines for my MG campfire's spiked
> > shoulder?
> oy oy! that's a legitimate suggestion, no? :P
> it's either double spikes or double no-spikes (for a
> sleeker look) for me.
> i'm going for a gunslinger "el guapo" kampfer (and
> maybe swipe some machineguns from the gm quels and gm
> customs i got...hehe) and, crazy as it sounds, have no
> use for the chainmine. it simply ain't "el guapo".
> :P

Garrick: you could use the "missing pieces" stub on your Kampfer, and then
get those pieces from Bandai, neh? just ask someone in the GML to help you
acquire it.

> > Well Garrick, you could buy one big (and I mean BIG)
> > scale model ship (like the Titanic or any aircraft
> > carrier) and hope that the runners are thick enough,
> > then fashion out from it spikes to attach to the
> > right unspiked shoulder should you be unable to
> > procure a left spiked shoulder. I'm considering the
> > same thing for my 1/144 Kampfer (I haven't bought
> > the MG yet).
> !!!
> X_X
> james, that's like telling someone with constipation
> to go do heavy weightlifting squats to get it all
> out...jeez...

I have to agree with garrick here. getting a mucho big kit just for that
is not an option.

> > -james r.
> > enters into the cockpit of a Psyco Haro and starts
> > it up in anticipation of the next trademark garrick
> > move
> nothing stops the gekigangarr flare. nothing!
> -gekigangarr

<Richie goes into gundam, and then mmakes it clap its hands. with Garrick
in the middle.>

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