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I've watched the whole series again and I was again reminded of its timeline inconsistencies. I'm sure you guys already answered this (Iprobably wasn't here then) so I'l ask again.

When Shiro rescued Sanders it was about the same time White Based snuffed Garma and that was also the time when Giren made his speech on TV. A few days later(I think) Shiro and the team sortied the rx-79G, already called Gundam. I noticed this when Sanders busted a Zaku telling himself "So this is the power of a Gundam..." Its just weird because at this time only Fed brasses knew of project V and the name Gundam (along with Char and a few Zeon). So what gives? If the Gundam was some sort of prototype, how did they make so many of 'em (RX&(G was not exclusively for 08MS Team, but I saw other teams using them as well) And why was Sanders flying a GM in space, when according to the original series, the GM wouldn't come along until some time in the middle of the war (when Char invaded Jabrow)

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