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>> >Does the situation with Char and Garma in First Gundam count?
>> No. ^_^ Char and Garma I think are heterosexual. They both have lovers,
>> most importantly, don't utter any of the "famous yaoi lines" like "Waga
>> sai-ai no tomo" or such. (Loosely translated as "my most beloved friend")
>Honestly, I think Garma is more a little brat than a yaoiboy.

Yeah, he's not really "yaoi" in that sense of the word.

>> >Despite all of the women he strung along, I've always wondered about
>> Scirocco in
>> >Z Gundam.
>> He looks effeminate, but yaoi? I don't think so.
>He's very much like a victorian-era gnetleman--a strange blend of macho and

I never looked at him in that way before...true, true. I tend not to like
Scirocco because he killed Camille, one of my fave Gundam characters. ^_^

>Actually, I know of at least three yaoi stories that center on them...but
>that's pretty few compared to the tens of thousands on the GWing boys and
>their various permutations...

That's because the GW boys are very good-looking. ^_^ I mean, look, yaoi
fans will write about ANYONE who is good-looking. That's why series like
YuuYuuHakuSho, DBZ and Rurouni Kenshin, which don't have a shred of yaoi in
their original plots, get volumes of yaoi written about them - as one writer
whom I knew called it, it's the "beefcake factor".

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