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>Let me check your grammar some of your spelling needs
>to be corrected.(please check your spelling.)

It was about midnight when I was replying to this, you know, my usual late
night GML fix beofre I go to bed.

>I have a list of four Question.

>1.Subject about gay stereotype why does that have to
>be gay stereotypeing?
>2.Why are we gay bashing on each other on this
>3. Are we really gay bashing people I don't know?
>4.Are you stereotype a gay bashing most people do that
>I wonder if you are?

I have friend who are gay and een if they don't seem to mind, they really
don't like this kind of stuff.

>We are just makeing fun of stuff about the Gundam
>series in this subject its really geting out of hand.
>I have to say that the some Japanese sites have any
>good picutes of Heero and Duo Kissing each other.
>(Oh my god thats other gay stereotype there.) your

Ha! I've kissed some of my male friends (in a friendly sort of way common to
certain cultures)and I'm not gay.

>geting worry about gay stereotypeing just because
>people here maybe not gay or they are gay.(he is
>stereotypeing again Waaaaaaa!!!!! ;_;.). I don't know
>let me see I feel better someone is expessing
>there point of veiw. about that.

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