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Wed, 21 Feb 2001 07:36:24 +0800 wrote:

>Well, it got through didn't it? and who was the one who wanted to trade his
>MG Kampfer chain mines for my MG campfire's spiked shoulder?

Well Garrick, you could buy one big (and I mean BIG) scale model ship (like the Titanic or any aircraft carrier) and hope that the runners are thick enough, then fashion out from it spikes to attach to the right unspiked shoulder should you be unable to procure a left spiked shoulder. I'm considering the same thing for my 1/144 Kampfer (I haven't bought the MG yet).

Oh yeah...Garrick's stomping more people than usual because his bloodlust wasn't satisfied by a game of Counterstrike last Sunday...and maybe because he wasn't able to pull someone else's teeth out...

-james r.
enters into the cockpit of a Psyco Haro and starts it up in anticipation of the next trademark garrick move


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