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> > > I believe MS Senki was Kondo's very first published work and is about
> > > 15yrs old. Also, Kondo didn't write that story. Kondo has come a long
> > > way since then but he still loves to indulge in lengthy battle
> > > scenes. I say, let him do it. That's his style.
> > >
> > > -James
> > >
> > You are right as the story was written by Masaya Takahashi (author of
> > stories of Gundam, but I don't remember how many and what they
> > are).Alessandro
> MS Senki is actually incomplete -- a segment on the Battle of A Bao A Ku
> planned but never actually written due to scheduling conflicts.
> Masaya Takahashi also wrote:
> The First Step, an AEUG origin story set in UC 0082, for Model Graphix
> Wars I: Project Z. The events of this story were subsequently invalidated
> the contradictory back story of Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories.
> Born To Be Wild Again: The Side Story of MS Senki, the further adventures
> Frederick Braun, set in UC 0088, for Model Graphix Gundam Wars II: Mission
> Gundam Sentinel, set in UC 0088, originally serialized in Model Graphix
> before being collected in Model Graphix Gundam Wars III: Gundam Sentinel.
> If there was anything else, I can't find the author accreditation.
> -Z-

Always by Takahashi, thinking about it, I know a certain "Gundam sentinel:
Alice's confession", but if I am not mistaking it is the novel version of
"Gundam Wars III" with some illustrations in the book. "Born to
be wild again" seems interesting to me as I have read the adventures (first
of them) of Frederick Braun. Do you know if it is again available? I've got
the MS Senki's B-Club volume (it's really 15 or more years old) and I am
wondering when these new adventures of Braun can have been published.

"Daremo hitorideha ikirarenai" -- Kidou Senshi Gandamu (MS Gundam)
Translation: "Nobody can live alone"

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