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for me no. i don't really count the char and garma
thing. char had an ulterior motive, and obviously
garma had icelina.
haven't seen z
Bernie and al is like brotherly love. it wasn't yaoi.
and may be andy and steiner had been long time friends
and they've been thru a lot together. i don't think
that's wing-like gay.
don't even wanna know about turn-a
--- -Z- <> wrote:
> > man!!! if yaoi ever showed up in UC, the hell with
> > GUNDAM for me.
> Does the situation with Char and Garma in First
> Gundam count?
> Despite all of the women he strung along, I've
> always wondered about Scirocco in
> Z Gundam.
> Bernie and Al in Gundam 0080 -- best not to go
> there. But why was hard-bitten
> old Captain Steiner so broken up about Andy Strauss,
> eh?
> What about Rolan Cehack dressing up as Laura in Turn
> A? He was certainly more
> feminine than any of the genuine women....
> -Z-
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