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>I don't think Garma,Char, and Amuro died from H.I.V
>they all died fighting in Battals Char hated Garma,
>Amuro hated Char,and Char hated Amuro.Gundam Wing boys
>lived everone was happy Relena did not Score the end.
>The GW boys have a big fan base of doujinshi (its kind
>of funny in a way online.)

That HIV thing is another (and supposedly dead) gay stereotype

>I have to say for Example there are Character Shrines
>about UC and Gundam Wing Character one of them must
>have Yaoi guess if one of them is Yaoi can you tell.

>This is the UC Character Shrines

and the UUC ones do have yaoi. If you want more, check out the japanese
fan-sites. And please check you grammar (shld be these are the UC character

>Gundam Wing Character Shrines

those are the only one that That don't know about
Gundam Wing sites I found a site Gundam site that
mkes fun of Gundam Wing I wonder who the Fuck made
this site?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

its just funny as hell hahahahaha.

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