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>> Just out of curiosity:
>> Has Tomino ever mentioned as to why he includes masked >individuals in
>> he directs? (Char from MSG, Born Bonnings from Aura Battler >Dunbine and
>> Baron from Brain Powerd)
>> Thanks in advance, ;)

You'll have to admit that Char has a lot of impact on this character type.

The mask itself can be a symbol for the character (in Char and Zech's case)
where the charcter isn't really a clear cut hero or villain. He starts out
"bad" but after watching the series you end up separating the said "masked
villain" from the other bad guys.

Examples would be obvoiusly Char and Zechs, Lord Shoting Star fr. Cyber Team
in Akihabara and the Char-ish guy (Le Bread I think) from Steam Detectives.

>Insofar as I know, the question's never come up before.

>My guess would be that Tomino included masked villains for the >same reason
>he included giant robots -- it was part of the genre. I think >Osamu
>introduced masked villains in Tetsuwan Atom (AKA Astro Boy) and >they've
>pretty standard ever since. I don't think there are any masked >villains
in any
>of his original stories.

>Does Basque Ohm's goggles count as a mask?


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