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>> Considering that the colonies have no indigenous culture so >to speak of,
>> them having intricate ties with their mother lands, would it >have been
>> easier in that case to get trade alliances? would it have >been possible
>> that the colonies were getting support from mother nations, >rather than
>> Federation itself in the beginning? I can imagine that if >that were the
>> case, then there would have been some kind of tension even >within the
>> federation itself about such a thing.

>In the beginning, perhaps, but as time went on all of the >mother nations
>Earth were depopulated to a bare minimum "caretaker" >contingent --
everyone else
>was moved off the planet. The mother nations exist only in >name and the
>infrastructure necessary to maintain some semblance of the >original
>usually regressed to an early or even pre-industrial state.

Thie "caretaker" contingent seems to be quite well off though since they're
part of the elite. It was probably through som politicking ang stuff that
these people got to stay behind. My guess is that people were chosen in
lottery fahion or some other random way with some or most of the elite doing
some manipulation to remain on earth.

The demographcs of those who remained on earth seem to cover a wide range.
A lot were of the elite class but a lot were also regular partisan people
such as farmers (08th MS) who were probably chosen to stay behind since they
worked of the earth.

There does seem to be soe high end infrasturcture though with the Feds
having a lot of earth based military technology (eg the Big Tray class and
the Yukon class subsequently stolen by the Zeons). Jaburo istself is a
testament to the technology that was still on earth.

>The whole idea behind the colonization of space was to remove >the people
and let
>Nature take its course to heal the planet. Thus, nothing but >surplus
>may be removed from Earth and then only those that can be >collected
>depleting the ecosystem further -- no large-scale mining or >logging
>The Zeon must've looked like the descendents of Genghis Khan, >what with
the way
>they came in and started ripping whatever they wanted out of >the ground.


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