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Actually, some say that Relena acted perfectly normal for a girl her in her
age and situation. I posted the link to a website on this a while back. At
least she's better than Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi!

As for the character's being like Boy bands: Zechs was played by the famous
(or infamous) Koyasu Takehito who along with a few other seiyuu (most
notably, Tomokazu Seki aka Domon Kashhyu fr G Gundam and Gai from Nadesico)
formed Weiß a all seiyuu boy band that had a companion manga and anime (Weiß
Kreuz) with them as assasins. They of course had numerous CD releases to
satiate the fangirls. Actually seiyuu or voice actors/actresses are more
respected in Japan than any where else in the world. Only in Japan can
aseiyu be as famous as Britney Spears or even more so.

>All those GW boys are a hit an Asia I wonder why they
>have a CD out there more like a Boy band then a any
>Gundam series I know they have there CD you know the
>Voice Actors singing wonder why the hell did that was
>never brought up Hell not many know that GW boys can
>sing too,like that everyone hates the Girl in the
>series who trys to stop Heero from killing himself why
>the hell they all like yaoi,shounen-ai,straght,yuri
>whatever the they just hate the Girl in the series I
>just hate Heero for fucking up Gundam Battal Masters2
>If you all buy Gundam Battal Assult they just fucked
>up game I just hate what they did to it in the USA.
>they could of just made other version I don't hate
>Gundam Wing Its just that its geting out of hand you
>think Duck would care if you liked to see Heero and
>Duo geting it on I don't know it was never made to
>scar Gundam Wing fans its just one site not all sites
>have that some of them are just Gundam Wing sites not
>many know about his site some of them are kids.

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