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> errrrrr...
> welllll...
> let's put it this way -- first grade kits (of which
> there are only two, gundam and zak) cost only P200.

actually there's three, the RX-78, the Green ZakuII and Char's ZakuII

> the total cost of the paintS (note the plural, hehe)
> could exceed the cost of the kit by, uh, around three
> times. i use citadel paints for warhammer on gundams,
> and occasionally, mr. color gunze sangyo. you can
> find the latter in Special Toys branches (virramall,
> sta cruz...), and the former in games workshop
> warhammer stores here (virramall, robinson's galleria
> and festival mall).
> uhm, that's not counting the paint brushes.

yup yup, but its fun and challenging to paint. assembly is a no-brainer,
but I suggest you paint while you assemlbe since its there are hard to reach
areas in FG kits and since their mobility isn't good, you really have to
take them apart, which may ruin some of the paint, so assemble and paint in
sections starting from the feet, up

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