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> > > If we're talking about Engeist Ronah, my information was that he

> This still begs the question as to the election process. Who does the
> electing, the general populace or some committee or special body, like
> our Electoral College? If the former, then the space colonies are
> more democratic than I've been given to understand lo these many
> years. If the later, then it's still the Elite running things, but

There is only a single seat for the whole Side 2.(It's a little bit more
complex than that, the election in Space is "all round." So each side
either consolidate behind one canidate, or have their vote splits and
lose out representation to other sides. At least that's how I
understand it.) From "Senkou no Hathaway," I caculated there are
about 40-50 minister-level positions. In almost all Parlimentary
system, the total member of representives are a high single
digit multipliers of the minister positions. So even if it's direct
election system, I think it's fair to say Spacenoids are not getting
their fair share of power.

> they have a democratic process that they use among themselves --
> something like the Supreme Soviet or Politburo, whose members are
> drawn from the upper echelons of the Communist Party but are elected
> from among their peers to particular positions such as Speaker.

A few years ago, I proposed that's how the assembly are organized
also. But not on how it members got there.

> My impression has always been that the general population has no say
> in the matter and that the only people who have a vote are those of
> the Elite with the clout among their peers to wangle a seat on the
> Deliberative Assembly. These people can put forward and accept or
> reject proposals -- as we saw in Z Gundam -- but they're not elected
> by the public at large.

This is my take based on current aviliable information. Those
Assembly member represent their districts, not necessary their
people. Since the elites controls who lives where, they controls who
win the election. Some district on Earth sent someone they don't
like? Change the migration schedule, sent them to space, and
relocate their supporters in. Guess who will win the next time. I
would not be supprised if the Federation Assembly district drawn up
before the space colonization. Maybe the seats allocation are
enshrined in the federation treaties or other founding documents,
etc. Growing up, I remember hearing the Chinese Nationalists
preventing full representation for Taiwanese people because the new
election can only be held after they "retake China." With that
experience, I would expect Federation to promise redistricting "once
everybody moved to space."

LDP in Japan only stay in power for so long because they have not
redraw their districts for a longtime, given unfair share of influence
to the farmers in the country side. British had similiar problem long
time ago. ETC. And that explain why Earthnoids elites fight so
hard to remain on Earth, the more other people moved out, those
who left behind just became more powerful. The last person on
Earth would have pretty much absolute power(not very practical,
though) under that system. Hemm, maybe I found the fairest way
to decide who will stay on Earth: "Earth Island: Surivor." One-by-
one, Earthnoids vote each other out to space. ^_^; I will watch that
Jim Huang

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