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> I've been a fan of Gundam for quite some time, so its surprising that it
is only of late that I get my first kit. I've been assembling some kits for
friends (mostly MG's and HG's) back in college but none of 'em were mine.
Anyways, I got an FG Zaku II from a Japanese pal (a very late Christmas
gift). Unlike the HG's or MG's, this one is totally green and without any
other color. i just want to ask the Pinoys here (or anybody who can
translate my problem from their currency to pesos) about the cost of paint
that you actually use on these things. Also, where to find them.

I have the FG RX-78 which Richie praised with his comment, "if done well an
FG could look like an MSiA"

after putting pannel lines, it does look like an MSiA >_<

anyway, since it's small (1/144) you don't need a lot of paint, but you do
need to buy around 5 or 6 colors for it. I used Citadel Colors for mine,
just get one from GreenHills or Galleria, wherever Warhammer products are
found. In GreenHills just look for Neutral Grounds, just go into the lane
with Jollibee on the 3rd floor of VirraMall and make a left turn on the
first alley on the left (of course) and its on your left side about 3 or 4
shops after that arcade on the corner.

In Galleria its on the top level near the escalators that goes all the way
down to the EDSA exit, it's somewhere near the petshop right in front of
Magoos Pizza which is beside the bowling alley.

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