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Tue, 20 Feb 2001 14:10:56 +0800

From: Zhou Tai An <kain@pacific.net.sg>

> >you never came across danguard ace?
> No, and my excuse it - IT'S NOT IN SUPER ROBOT WARS! ^_^

Yeah, been wondering about its lack of presence in the Banpresto game
series. Not only that, but Danguard's presence has been minimal on the toy
front compared to Gaiking and others. Maybe Matsumoto has a tight leash on
his creations.

> To keep things on topic, let me ask - how much of a Super Robot show do
> think the original Gundam is?

This came up before. Gundam still comes up as a Super Robot and so do some
of its supposed Real Robot followers like Dougram and Dunbine. The RX-78-2
still is the strongest piloted robot in its universe that can kick the butt
of other robots there.

Anyone correct me, but the first real break from that formula might be
Armored Trooper Votoms - where the true power of the Scopedog is really in
the skill of Chirico Cuevre. He even customizes one that only emulates and
not surpasses his Red Shoulder opponents in the series.


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