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> In G-savior, the Earth Federation no longer exists, and has been replaced by
> a new government entity-CONSORT-that is similar to the Titans but much,
> much, more powerful(Since the Titans were a realitively small elite group
> within the EF). I'm wondering, has anybody given thought to what is the
> killing blow for the EF? Perhaps this sudden change will be explaned in a
> future Gundam series...

Hardly sudden. The Federation never quite recovered from the One Year War and
was in steady decline throughout all of the subsequent series. By UC 0123, it
was weak enough to encourage the power grab by the Crossbone Vanguard; too weak,
in fact, to stop the establishment of Cosmo Babylonia. By UC 0153, it was weak
enough that Maria-ists were not only able to establish the Zanscare Empire in
Side 2, but to successfully invade and occupy most of the Earth as the Zeon had
done. By the time of G-Saviour, the Federation had collapsed into near-total


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