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> I think this was the idea in the first place. The idea of a single
> "Earth Federation" is to me the abolition of "Nations" as sovereign
> units of government. Though maybe in its infancy each nation could've
> preserved their culture and supported a single group of colonists. In
> reality though, it will probably take some devastating war for even
> the idea of a single Earth Government to even be considered.

Just so. In the original Gundam scenario, it was an environmental disaster --
the entire Earth ecosystem was on the verge of collapse and the people had to be
moved into space to allow the Earth to heal itself.

But because the colonies were to be homogenous and standardized, "caretakers"
were allowed to remain on Earth and live there in the manner of their
pre-industrial ancestors, preserving their customs and folkways in a way that
didn't contribute to the problem. Thus we have South Sea islanders and quaint
European villages -- a souvenir postcard world populated by ethnic stereotypes.
Disneyworld, if you will.

> I think this too was the guiding principle of Contulism. Char ranted
> about this a lot. In a purely economic sense (given that technology
> has already advanced enough to actually facilitate more than just
> space travel) this actually makes sense. A basic economic principle
> states that the Earth can only give so much, and can only recover so
> much even if man restricts his use of them. Human population grows
> exponentially while resources grow geometrically, and it is in the
> apocalyptic notion of most classical economists that the day will
> come when the balance will be offset. As it seems, the balance is
> still far from being destroyed (believe it or not there is more than
> twice the food supply in this planet today to feed everybody), but
> the thesis stands.

Not quite. First comes Ere-ism, the philosophy that the Earth is sacred and
that humanity should leave it in peace, but with the understanding that this is
temporary and that Mother Earth is humanity's one true home. Then, in
antithesis, comes Side-ism, the belief that the Sides should be treated as
sovereign nations, irrespective of the situation on Earth. Daikun synthesizes
these two beliefs into Contolism, which holds that Earth is humanity's cradle,
but that its Manifest Destiny is in space, where humanity will evolve into the
Newtype in the same way that ocean life colonized the land and evolved into the
higher life forms on Earth.

Ere-ism was the guiding principal behind the Space Colonization Plan and
Side-ism came to the fore a generation or so later, when the majority of the
population had been moved into space. Daikun merged the two circa UC 0052 and
emigrated to Side 3 by way of practicing what he preached. This is why Side 3
is [a] on the far side of the Moon, facing out and away from Earth and [b]
composed of closed-type colonies designed for maximum efficiency by Y.T.
Minovsky, with much less emphasis on replicating Earth-like vistas and much more
emphasis on making the most of the available real estate.


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