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> > In G-savior, the Earth Federation no longer exists, and has
> been replaced
> by
> > a new government entity-CONSORT-that is similar to the Titans but much,
> > much, more powerful(Since the Titans were a realitively small
> elite group
> > within the EF). I'm wondering, has anybody given thought to what is the
> > killing blow for the EF? Perhaps this sudden change will be
> explaned in a
> > future Gundam series...
> >
> You know, how WAS G-Saviour anyways?
> When did it take place? After V gundam? For some reason, I didn't
> think the
> EF was even around then.

Earth Federation most definately still exist at the time of Victory Gundam
(0153). It's HQ have been relocated to Von Braun on the Earth Facing side
of the Moon. It's overall military strength have been long eclipsed by
regionalized Colonies (witness the rise of Zanscare Empire, and the largely
unseen enemy colonies that Zanscare Empire's main fleet were fighting at L5
during the first half of Victory Gundam. By then, Earth Federation were
pretty much in no condition to dictate much of any term (its weakness were
exposed during the Crossbone Vanguard takeover of Frontier Side, in 0123).
If G-Savior took place further down the line, Earth Federation's days are
numbered, and its role riped to be taken over by someone with enough
resource (Jupitor Empire?). Oh, Earth Federation Forces still haven't
change their uniform, 80 years after the initial conflicts that militarized

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