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Mon, 19 Feb 2001 21:35:22 -0800

> > >James Boren wrote:
> > >>Kondo takes his own time with telling the story. In typical Kondo
> > >>fashion he spends a lot of pages on the big battles.
>If you just could have a look at Kondo's "MS Gundam - MS Senki". I don't
>believe I'm mistaking if I tell that 100 pages on 160 are about battles (and
>it is a one issue/volume Gundam story). There are Odessa and Jabro
>(Jabrow)'s battles but they last too much (there are too many pages about
>them, it's hard for the reader to make his own opinion about the story's
>hero just looking at him in battles).
>"Daremo hitorideha ikirarenai" -- Kidou Senshi Gandamu (MS Gundam)
>Translation: "Nobody can live alone"

I believe MS Senki was Kondo's very first published work and is about
15yrs old. Also, Kondo didn't write that story. Kondo has come a long
way since then but he still loves to indulge in lengthy battle
scenes. I say, let him do it. That's his style.


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