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 Char Aznable wrote:
>Communism looks good on paper thats why a lot of people buy it, especially
>the poor. also, so far democracy doesn't work for these people since
>Capitalism (which is a partner of Democracy) makes the rich richer and the
>poor poorer. so if democracy doesn't work, try another thing. these poor
>people just don't realize what happened to other countries that is run by
>communism. I think communism can do good if the power isn't centralized in
>one person. I mean, who wouldn't go crazy with all that power? we've seen
>people with less power get corrupted (like ex-President Estrada of the
Communism is too idealistic (IMHO). It's goals of empowering the people are good but putting into practice is near impossible. Also, it stunts the economy. People with potential to be exceptional only get the same as everybody else, thus there is no motivation for self improvement and hard(er) work, and this taxes the society heavily. Look at China, today their promoting all sorts of free trade policies which are basically democratic in nature. It just shows that Communism can't find compromise with rapid development.

 OK, this is turning into a political forum, so let's relate this to Gundam. As I see it, the Earth Federation has become some kind of bloated bureaucracy, not unlike most political systems today. Like in Mao's or Lenin's time, there has been a sect of society feeling the burden of hardship while others just loaf around. This was probably how the Zabi's convinced the Zeon public into war. Also, there was already a precedent to the Zabi's claim. Before their uprising, there was Zeon Daikun and his Contulism. Like with Lenin, there was already the Communist Manifesto by Marx. (Nothing like good old fashioned idealism to rouse up a pissed crowd).This is actually very illustrative of what many countries are experiencing these days.

This is also why it's so hard to distinguish the good and bad in Gundam. On one side you have a traditionally political monstrosity, on the other side you have a bunch of exploiters (Zabi) taking advantage of the peoples discontent. Caught in the middle of course are the unwitting citizens, much like in real life.

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