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> > If we're talking about Engeist Ronah, my information was that he
> > became vice-president of the Colony Management Corporation in April
> > 0110 -- nothing about campaigning or being elected to public office.
> ISBN4-04-410134-5 page 29
> He was elected to Fed Assem. Raised to minister level position.
> Seems to be given a CMC gig as some sort of retirement
> arrangement. And guess who took his place?

This still begs the question as to the election process. Who does the electing,
the general populace or some committee or special body, like our Electoral
College? If the former, then the space colonies are more democratic than I've
been given to understand lo these many years. If the later, then it's still the
Elite running things, but they have a democratic process that they use among
themselves -- something like the Supreme Soviet or Politburo, whose members are
drawn from the upper echelons of the Communist Party but are elected from among
their peers to particular positions such as Speaker.

> He was elected in ibid, page 48. Basically, he was elected because
> his family, the connection, the money, and his marriage to a
> supermarket chain heiress. Of course, he is also much more
> reliable, smart, and diligent compare to his sister. He was
> assassinated in his second term, after he reintroduced "Earth
> Preservation Measure."

Again, there are general elections and then there are special elections. You
can have more than one party and still not have general elections -- the number
of seats is allocated according to the relative sizes of the parties, but only
that party can vote on who gets the seat -- and you can have general elections
but only one party -- the populace may vote for or against the candidate on the
ballot, but not on who gets to be a candidate -- and all sorts of variations
with varying degrees of democracy.

My impression has always been that the general population has no say in the
matter and that the only people who have a vote are those of the Elite with the
clout among their peers to wangle a seat on the Deliberative Assembly. These
people can put forward and accept or reject proposals -- as we saw in Z
Gundam -- but they're not elected by the public at large.


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