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Tue, 20 Feb 2001 12:10:32 +0800

> in the fashion of lim jyue's and richie ramos' antics,
> i was tempted to title this "dr. core's obsession with
> panties". :)
> *runs away from the doc*

Are they pink ones with ruffles?

> > There are lots of wing sites, but most of them don't
> > get anything past
> > skindepth,
> > Duckflesh asked some questions that probe deeper
> > into Wing than anyone else,
> > either pro or con, had gone before. I often
> > wondered myself, there are so many
> > plot holes and nonsense in Wing, why do I still like
> > it? If someone can
> > write an
> > article to counter Duckflesh arguments (rather than
> > just poh poh it) that
> > will be
> > worth more than many of the Wing fansites out there
> > combined.
> ok, doc, you're on! but it'll take some time to
> write. richie, i'm gonna need your help on this one,
> since you DID manage to turn fed around regarding
> gwing. i hope you're up to the challenge, because i'm
> perfectly willing to blackmail you (think of your
> kampfer doing ballerina poses and your dom doing the
> gigolo bit) if you're not. :D

okay. just write it out, and I will play devil's advocatre to the arguments
on paper.

> keep in mind, it won't necessarily be a pro-wing
> article, but just one that we hope will put some
> objectivity into the great gundam divide that is wing.

Now that will be hard. Being objective about Wing is a tightrope between
recognizing the genius of the production values and the relative weirdness
of how the disparate genres were mixed together.

> > Anyway, I plan to put Richie's yaoi fanfic on NA,
> > which should tighten up his
> > (and quite a few others on GML) panties real good
> > :-)
> ok. now THAT's scary.
> >:P
> -garr
> the unstompable

Why Garrick, I didn;t know you wore panties...

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