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Tue, 20 Feb 2001 12:19:27 +0800

> technically, my problems with transformables are -- it
> essentially means that the structure of the suits are
> several magnitudes weaker (c'mon, the zeta is
> practically hollow in many parts when in mobile suit
> mode...ugh). it also means flakey unfeasible
> uberfunky mechanics (double zeta, fazz, sentinel,
> enough said) and that don't make my day any. most of
> the time, gundam transformables are also ugly like
> heck (wing gundam, airmaster, psycho, zz).

I for one have no love for transforming mecha in Gundam in general. If I
were piloting the Zeta, I wouldn't even dare think about transforming
anywhere near the battle area. too dangerous for me, too easy tog et hit.
same thing goes for the ZZ.

> hobbywise, i just can't stand the thought of paint
> jobs scratching as the various parts mesh and grind
> together while the mech transforms. ugh. hobbywise,
> also, the fragile structure of transformables mechs
> reveal themselves all too readily that it kind of
> hinders the suspension of belief regarding mecha model
> kits (and what they're supposed to simulate).
> -garr
> long live noble grunt mecha!
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Yeah, unless you have transformation sequences which are close to what
Voltes V did later on, which effectively turned the transformation into a
weapon in itself.

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