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> What's Danguard Ace? I've watched several Super Robot shows, but this is
> first I've heard of it.

Wakusei Robo ("Planetary Robot") Danguard A
- Created by Leiji Matsumoto
56 episodes - 1977
(c) Toei/Kokutsu Trust
Shown in Syndication in the US in 1980 under the Force Five alongside
Gaiking, Spaceketeers, Grandizer and Starvengers (Getta Robo G)

In Brief: Earth discovers a paradise-like tenth planet Promete beyond
Pluto - which is just enough to save the over-crowded and resource stripped
Earth. However, a space empire discovers the planet as well - prompting
Earth to mobilize its colonization efforts quickly in order to win the
planet first. Dangard Ace was made as a robot warship that fought off the
monsters made by the aliens intended to destroy the Earth's scientific
expedition flying there.

My take:

Danguard ace was the first real show I saw that broke off from the usual
Giant robot fare. It didn't show the robot in full glory until something
like Episode 5 - and didn't really follow the monster of the week syndrome
that plagued most other anime. Captain Mask was by far the most memorable
character in Danguard - who hid his face from his son - the lead character
of the anime (who looks a lot like Derek Wildstar/Susumu Kodai from
Starblazers/Yamato). Danguard was also the first anime I saw where the Giant
Robot launched from a mother ship while traveling through space - predating
Mobile Suit Gundam by two years.

Unfortunately, I never saw the ending of this show. Been putting off
watching it though from a copy from a mutual friend me and Garrick have. ^_^


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