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>hrm...the difference between captain mask (danguard
>ace) and the tomino masked men of gundam was that the
>masked men of gundam wanted to actively conceal their
>identities, while captain mask's, er, mask was an
>unwanted tool to control his identity (amnesia, if i
>recall) at the start (which eventually did lead to
>active concealment of identity, which made up the crux
>of the father-son angst...which makes danguard ace one
>of the more outstanding and most definitely underrated
>super robot series in existence -- forget voltes v,
>danguard has voltes v outgunned in lots of ways :P)

What's Danguard Ace? I've watched several Super Robot shows, but this is the
first I've heard of it.

>although i do believe that maybe gundam has exhausted
>the cliche of masked men. just how feasible is a
>masked man in the military forces anyway? then
>again, i suppose i prefer the masks to the horrid
>fashion statements of ZZ gundam though. ah, the 80's.

They're not feasible, but they serve an important thematic purpose. What
does a mask do? Besides making you look cool (^_^) a mask disguises your
true identity. On another level, though, it makes you a different person.
Quatro Bagina and Char Aznable are different people, as are Zechs Merquise
and Milliardo Peacecraft. Sure, they might share some similarities, but in
some fundamental ways, they are different. That's why tribal culture places
so much emphasis on masks - with a mask, you adopt a different persona

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