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Tue, 20 Feb 2001 11:26:00 +0800 (SGT)

>Does the situation with Char and Garma in First Gundam count?

No. ^_^ Char and Garma I think are heterosexual. They both have lovers, and
most importantly, don't utter any of the "famous yaoi lines" like "Waga
sai-ai no tomo" or such. (Loosely translated as "my most beloved friend")

>Despite all of the women he strung along, I've always wondered about
Scirocco in
>Z Gundam.

He looks effeminate, but yaoi? I don't think so.

>Bernie and Al in Gundam 0080 -- best not to go there. But why was hard-bitten
>old Captain Steiner so broken up about Andy Strauss, eh?

Bernie and AL? WTF? ^_^

>What about Rolan Cehack dressing up as Laura in Turn A? He was certainly more
>feminine than any of the genuine women....

Actually, UC-wise, if you're looking for yaoi, I think the most likely
couple is - gasp - Char and Amuro. Really. There's even better plenty of
doujinshi drawn about that pairing.

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