garrick lee (
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 19:20:27 -0800 (PST)

yes, i own them both and i know well what i'm talking
about. bandai has it made, while the toycom sucked,
well and truly. in no way could the toycom yf-19 be
an improvement over the bandai vf-19, except for the
die-cast composition.

--- David F <> wrote:
> Do you even own either of the 2 macplus toys in
> question. I own both, the
> bandai vf-19 and the Yamato (aka Toycom) yf-19 and
> I must say that the
> version 2 of the yf-19 is an incredible improvement
> over bandai's attempt.
> Bandai's is solid plastic, the fact that Bandai is
> re-issueing them at the
> same price as Yamato's is the inexcusable part of
> all this. A piece of
> brittle cheap plastic VS a very solid diecast work
> of art, come on now.


bandai's mac7 plastic valks were high quality plastic
and not brittle in any way (you sure you have the
bandai version and not some knockoff vf-19?). they
were very very very playable, and transformed
perfectly. toycom yf-19 was fragile and wrong all
over and damn impossible to transform (hence, the
stupid necessity for a version 2 -- to which my wallet
is screaming "racketeering rip off" ). the die-cast
content made the toy klutzy and unplayable, moveable
in the wrong places, and restricting movement in the
places where movement was needed.

i would definitely gladly without second thought buy
the macross 7 valkyries at the price of a toycom
valkyrie. and even then, the value for money of the
former would be at bargain, while the latter would be
expensive metal garbage.


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